According to the specific needs of the customer, MCM Pharma identifies suitable manufacturers of required products and assures a reliable supply of material.

Efficient Sourcing

The Procurement of material through MCM is based on efficient sourcing considering factors of costs, quality and time. Our sourcing activities comprise:

  • Vendor market analysis
  • Patent and scientific literature study
  • Identification and selection of suitable manufacturers
  • Procurement of niche molecules
  • Early access to patented APIs for R&D purposes

Supply from Approved Sources

Customers benefit from our existing relationships to various European, Indian and Chinese GMP-manufacturers, guaranteeing high product quality and approved DMF-documentation.

Regulatory and Supportive Services

We provide regulatory support, particularly during the developmental and registration process, while acting as a communication hub between the manufacturer, customer and regulatory authorities.

Logistic Management

MCM Pharma handles the physical supply of material to the customer by arranging transportation, import/export and storage under GMP-conditions.